During my senior year of college, I gained approximately 20 pounds from spending way too much time out at the bar, drinking way too much beer. After moving in with my now-husband, my portion sizes and eating habits spiraled out of control. I quickly gained another 50+ pounds in a very short span of time.

When I started a new job in 2014, I resolved to get back to my “college weight.” By 2015, I had lost at least 50 pounds and saw 180 on the scale – but soon my weight crept back up closer to 200. 3 years of calorie-counting, food-weighing, and yo-yo-ing later, I found success with Beachbody! I’m currently down to 175 and looking to lose another 25 pounds.

However, this blog is about more than just weight loss. I am on a journey to find balance and establish a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. I would be honored if you would join me! We all taking life one day at a time, and support and encouragement along the way is priceless.

xo – Fitmiss in Progress, a.k.a. Fitmiss Jennie