About Me

During my senior year of college, I gained approximately 20 pounds from spending way too much time at the bar, drinking way too much beer. After moving away from home (and living with my now-husband for the first time), my portion sizes and eating habits spiraled out of control. I quickly gained another 50+ pounds. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe, because none of my clothes fit. I got rid of my scale. I cried myself to sleep way too many times. I was out of breath by the time I walked up one flight of stairs to our apartment.

When I started a new job in 2014, I resolved to lose weight so I could “be successful,” because my self-worth was so tightly tied to that number on the scale and that number on the tag inside my pants. By 2015, I had lost at least 50 pounds and saw 180 on the scale – but I had developed unhealthy eating habits and poor relationships with food and exercise. I was the obsessed calorie-counter who measured every bit of food, ate whatever foods fit into my “calorie goal” (regardless of nutritional content), and treated exercise as a punishment for what I ate. Since this was a “diet” and not a lifestyle, my weight easily crept back up. In early 2017, I saw 199 on the scale and panicked. I couldn’t let myself weigh more than 200lbs again!

I found a woman on social media who had gone through a similar journey – losing more than 75lbs and doing it all over after having babies – and I knew that I needed to talk to her to see what her “secret” was. When I realized she was a Beachbody coach, I was super skeptical. Beachbody, Shakeology – it’s a pyramid scheme, right? I had that misconception, too! After doing my own research and finally deciding to give one of her challenge groups a try….I was hooked, and it’s going to be for life. The confidence I’ve gained from participating in challenge groups has been incredible – and the accountability has kept me on track for more than half a year. No yo-yo-ing. The scale has dropped, and that number has stayed down!

That being said, Fitmiss in Progress is about more than just weight loss. As I continue my own journey to stay balanced and maintain my healthy lifestyle, I want to help other women who, like me, struggle with self-confidence, body image, and finding the motivation to continue hustling when the going gets tough (hint: it’s not at all about motivation, but dedication!).  I would be honored if you would join me! We all taking life one day at a time. Finding support and encouragement along the way is priceless – and I’m here to provide it.

xo – Your Fitmiss in Progress, Jennie